At Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy, we specialize in guiding Small Health Care Organizations (SHCOs) through their accreditation journey. NABH has tailored an SHCO Accreditation Program specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, and day care centers with a capacity of up to 50 sanctioned beds.

NABH SHCO Standards, 2nd Edition

1. Patient-Centered Standards:

   – Access, Assessment, and Continuity of Care (AAC): Focusing on patient intake, assessment, and ensuring seamless care.

   – Care of Patients (COP): Standards for the overall care and treatment of patients.

   – Management of Medication (MOM): Guidelines for safe and effective medication management.

   – Patient Rights and Education (PRE): Upholding patient rights and providing essential health education.

   – Hospital Infection Control (HIC): Protocols for maintaining a hygienic and infection-free environment.

2. Organization-Centered Standards:

   – Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): Encouraging ongoing enhancement of service quality.

   – Responsibilities of Management (ROM): Outlining the key responsibilities and roles of the management team.

   – Facilities Management and Safety (FMS): Ensuring well-maintained facilities and safety standards.

   – Human Resource Management (HRM): Effective management of the healthcare workforce.

   – Information Management System (IMS): Efficient handling and confidentiality of patient and organizational information.

Our consultancy provides expert assistance in aligning your SHCO with these standards, facilitating a successful accreditation process and elevating the quality of your healthcare services.

Eligibility for SHCO Accreditation Program

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy is dedicated to assisting hospitals and nursing homes in achieving NABH accreditation. The SHCO Accreditation Program is specifically designed for facilities with a capacity of up to 50 sanctioned beds. To be eligible for this program, an organization must possess the following:

Key Requirements:

– Bed Strength: The facility should have a bed strength of up to 50 sanctioned beds.

– Supportive and Utility Facilities: The organization must be equipped with appropriate and relevant supportive and utility facilities that align with the services they provide.


– It is important to note that certain types of healthcare facilities do not fall under the SHCO Accreditation Program. These include:

– Polyclinics

– Diagnostic Centers Our consultancy team at Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy offers specialized guidance to ensure that your hospital or nursing home meets these criteria and is well-prepared for the accreditation process. We aim to streamline your journey towards achieving NABH accreditation, symbolizing excellence in healthcare service and patient care.