MIS Accreditation

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy proudly facilitates the accreditation of Medical Imaging Services – MIS Accreditation. This program is meticulously designed to enhance patient-focused care in diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services. It promotes quality in service delivery and supports continuous quality improvement, enabling MIS centers to adopt systematic quality management practices across healthcare organizations. This program is pivotal in ensuring the delivery of high-quality care, focusing on quality and safety management in medical imaging services.

Outline of NABH Standards for MIS Accreditation

1. Patient-Centered Standards:

   – Access, Assessment and Patient Care (AAPC): Ensuring patient accessibility and comprehensive assessment.

   – Imaging Procedures and Interpretation (IPI): High standards for all imaging procedures and their interpretations.

   – Facility Management and Safety (FMS): Maintenance of safe and efficient facilities.

   – Equipment, Material, and Medications (EMM): Appropriate management of equipment, materials, and medications.

2. Management Standards:

   – Management of Quality and Safety (MQS): Focusing on quality management and safety protocols.

   – Human Resource Management (HRM): Effective management and development of human resources.

   – Information Management Systems (IMS): Efficient handling and confidentiality of information.

Benefits of MIS Accreditation:

– Enhanced community confidence and trust.

– Emphasis on safety and quality.

– Provides a roadmap for standardization.

– Fosters a patient-centered culture.

– Adopts a systems-oriented approach.

– Elevates patient satisfaction levels.

– Leads to improved health outcomes.

– Offers external recognition and enhanced reputation.

Eligibility for Accreditation:

All Medical Imaging Service Providers, whether standalone or part of an existing healthcare organization or a chain of imaging centers, are eligible to apply for NABH Accreditation. Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy is dedicated to guiding your medical imaging service through the accreditation process, ensuring adherence to these standards, and helping you achieve a distinguished level of excellence recognized both nationally and internationally.