Hospital is a super-specialty structure require super-specialists for designing like hospital architect, legal expert, Doctor with hospital planning knowledge & NABH expert with hospital planning experience.

Have you hired the architect who has vast experience of hospital designing?

Have you taken care of legal Compliances like Clinical Establishment act, Fire safety norms, AERB, National Building Code, BMW Act & State pollution control act.

Have you taken care of all NABH parameters?

Have you taken care of requirements of specialists & super-specialists?

Have you taken care of requirements of nurses, technicians &facility in-charge?

Have you taken care of equipment specific requirements of each department?

General Process of Hospital Design

Other mistakes

They try to save money in making foundation of the hospital.

Hire cheapest consultant

Purchase 10-20 crores on his advice, 4-5% increase or decrease will affect your budget in crores

If you will purchase against his advice you may be in trouble due to lack of technical knowledge in every department of hospital.

They ignore legal aspects of hospital design, not involving legal expert in hospital design.

They ignore NABH parameters.

They ignore all stakeholders in design like Doctors, nurses, technicians, facility in-charge & patients


Increase in Project Expenditure unnecessary

Delay in hospital inauguration due to legal compliances

Delay in becoming project profitable

Increase tension in partners & challenge for project

What should be done?

Invest in Hospital architectural design, Quality & Initial hospital operational system establishment to make a strong foundation of hospital & to avoid future troubles.

A-Impact of integrated design

Hospital will be safe for all legal compliances like AERB,UPPCB, Fire safety, NBC & upcoming Clinical Establishment act.

NABH Accreditation will be done without any modification.

Hospital revenue will be increased more than normal design.

Emergency, Ward, OT, ICU & Cath lab size, design & number of beds will be as per National/International norms.

All practical requirements of all stakeholders will be included in design.


A Green hospital is one which enhances patient well being, while utilizing natural resources in an efficient environment friendly manner.

Hospital is 2nd highest in utilizing energy/Sq. ft. after data center but green Hospital will reduce your electricity bill.

Your water consumption will decrease.

Renewable energy &water system with natural light & ventilation will reduce your dependency on public supply.

Your waste generation will be reduced.

Patient recovery will be faster

Patient will be ready to pay more for same services.

Natural environment by Efficiently using energy, water &other resources

Good quality indoor air

Hospital valuation will increase.




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