Emergency Department NABH Certification

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy introduces the Emergency Department NABH Certification For Hospitals, designed to establish a framework for quality care and patient safety in hospital emergency departments. This certification aims to create a culture of safety and stimulate continuous quality improvement, setting high expectations for equitable, safe, and high-quality emergency care across the country.

Outline of Emergency Department NABH Certification For Hospitals Standards:

1. Patient-Cantered Standards:

  1. Access, Assessment, and Information (AAI): Facilitating patient access and comprehensive assessment.
  2. Patient Care and Rights (PCR): Ensuring high-quality patient care and upholding patient rights.
  3. Management of Medication (MOM): Effective and safe medication management practices.
  4. Hospital Infection Control (HIC): Adhering to stringent infection control measures.

2. Organization-Cantered Standards:

  1. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): Promoting ongoing enhancement of service quality.
  2. Responsibility of Management (ROM): Defining the roles and responsibilities of management in maintaining quality.
  3. Facility Management and Safety (FMS): Ensuring a safe and well-maintained facility.
  4. Human Resource Management (HRM): Effective management of emergency department staff.

Benefits of Emergency Department NABH Certification For Hospitals:

  • Ensures quality care with an emphasis on patient safety, leading to good clinical outcomes.
  • Standardizes protocols in the Emergency Department.
  • Ensures patients are treated by trained and credentialed medical staff.
  • Respects and protects patient rights.
  • Boosts community confidence in the hospital’s emergency care.
  • Enhances the professional development of clinicians and paramedical staff in the Emergency Department.

Eligibility for Emergency Department NABH Certification For Hospitals:

  • Hospitals with a minimum of 25 operational beds, in addition to emergency beds.
  • The required number of beds in the Emergency Department is based on the total number of hospital beds:
  • Up to 50 Beds: Minimum of 02 Beds in the Emergency Department.
  • 51-100 Beds: 04 Beds.
  • 101-200 Beds: 06 Beds.201-350 Beds: 08 Beds.
  • More than 350 Beds: 10 Beds.

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy is dedicated to assisting hospitals in achieving this vital certification, ensuring their emergency departments meet these rigorous standards and contribute to improving emergency healthcare outcomes.