Medical Value Travel Facilitator Empanelment (MVTFs)

Hospital Traders, NABH Consultancy welcomes Medical Value Travel Facilitator Empanelment (MVTFs) to participate in the Empanelment Program designed to enhance the quality of medical tourism services provided to patients travelling abroad for healthcare. MVTFs are crucial in managing and coordinating all activities related to patient care and treatment during medical travel.

Key Aspects of the Medical Value Travel Facilitator Empanelment Program (MVTFs):

1. Empanelment Criteria:

  • The program outlines technical and infrastructure specifications of the organization.
  • Statutory compliance information is required.
  • Details of the organization, including facilities provided, privacy policy, general policies, and responsibilities, are evaluated.

2. Why India is a Preferred Destination for Medical Value Travel:

  • India offers high savings on medical treatments.
  • No waitlists ensure timely healthcare.
  • High-quality treatment and world-class facilities.
  • Access to the latest medical technology.
  • The presence of highly skilled surgeons.
  • Exceptional customer care services.
  • Travel opportunities to explore India’s rich cultural heritage.

Who Can Apply:

  • Any Medical Value Tourism Facilitator that meets the requirements specified in the checklist is eligible to apply for MVTF empanelment certification.

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy is dedicated to assisting Medical Value Travel Facilitator MVTFs in meeting the necessary criteria and standards for empanelment. We provide expert guidance to ensure that MVTFs can offer patients the highest quality of medical tourism services, enhancing India’s reputation as a preferred destination for medical travel. Our program aims to improve patient experiences and outcomes while promoting trust and confidence in medical value travel services.