Why you should purchase hospital?

  1. If you are planning to own hospital & going for Land search, purchase, Hospital Architecture, Planning & Development, Interior Designing, Equipment Purchase, Manpower Recruitment, and Licensing will require long time & much energy which is very difficult for a busy practitioner. So, hospital purchase will save your time & energy.
  2. You may get a running hospital in your budget in desired location at a discounted price, may be less than actual cost. So, you will save money & no chance of exceeding budget as in our hospital development case.
  3. Hospital will be operational immediately so you can generate revenue immediately after investment. no Gestational Period required.

What Hospital Traders Will Do?

We will explain you Locality of Hospital, Total Area, Covered Area, Sanctioned Beds, Licensing Status, Number of Employees Working, Facilities available, No of Floors, Outsourced Departments, Major Hospital Equipment’s/Assets, TPA/ Government Panels Empanelled.

NABH/NABL Status, Strength, Weakness, Opportunities ,Threats of Hospital and Demand for Hospital Sale, background & profile of seller/ Purchaser & reason of sale/ Purchase on the basis of data available.

We will give many options of Sale/Purchase of your hospital in your predefined budget & arrange direct meeting to hospital owners