At Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy, we understand the dynamic nature of healthcare delivery. Our focus is on aligning hospitals with the NABH’s comprehensive standards, which prioritize patient safety and the quality of services. Our expert guidance ensures that your hospital not only meets these esteemed standards but also sustains them in an evolving healthcare landscape. With our support, your hospital will be equipped to provide top-tier healthcare services, reflecting excellence and trust.

Ten chapters of Hospital Standards are

  1. Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)
  2. Care of Patients (COP)
  3. Management of Medication (MOM)
  4. Patient Rights and Education (PRE)
  5. Hospital Infection Control (HIC)
  6. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQ)
  7. Responsibilities of Management (ROM)
  8. Facilities Management and Safety (FMS)
  9. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  10. Information Management System (IMS)

Eligibility Criteria for NABH Accreditation Hospital

At Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy, we guide Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) through the eligibility process for NABH accreditation. To qualify, an HCO must adhere to the following criteria:

1. Operational Status: The HCO must be actively functioning as a healthcare provider. It is essential that the organization has a minimum of 50 sanctioned beds. Facilities with fewer than 50 beds fall under the Small Healthcare Organizations (SHCO) standards.

2. Commitment to Standards: The organization must demonstrate a commitment to complying with NABH standards, as well as all relevant legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements. This commitment ensures a consistent level of quality and safety across the board.

3. Organization-wide Application: NABH standards are designed to be implemented across the entire organization, not limited to specific services. Whether your organization provides a wide range of services or specializes in certain areas, these standards are universally applicable. This includes both public and private hospitals, ensuring a comprehensive approach to quality healthcare delivery.

Our consultancy is dedicated to assisting your organization in meeting these criteria, paving the way for successful NABH accreditation and the enhancement of healthcare quality and patient safety.

Online Application Process for NABH Accreditation

Healthcare organizations aiming for NABH accreditation can initiate their journey by applying online. The process is straightforward:

Registration: Visit the NABH website and navigate to the hospital accreditation section. Here, you’ll find an option for online registration, tailored for healthcare organizations seeking accreditation.

At Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy, we encourage and assist healthcare organizations in this online application process. Our expertise ensures that your organization is well-prepared and fully informed about the accreditation journey ahead. We’re here to guide you every step of the way towards achieving and maintaining NABH accreditation, a hallmark of excellence in healthcare.