Entry Level Certification-SHCOs

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy is dedicated to guiding Small Healthcare Organizations (SHCOs) through the Entry Level Certification Program. This program, a collaboration between the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), is crucial for SHCOs aspiring to provide cashless insurance facilities. It aims to foster a quality culture at all levels and across all functions of healthcare organizations, with a focus on patient safety and high-quality care.

Definition of Entry Level Certification Program for SHCOs:

  • Hospitals with up to 50 beds are classified as SHCOs.
  • The entry level SHCO standards encompass 10 Chapters, 41 standards, and 149 objective elements.

HOPE: Healthcare Organizations Platform for Entry Level Certification:

  • A modernized portal for the entry level certification process, accommodating both Hospitals and SHCOs.
  • Facilitates registration, documentation, and fee submission.
  • Available via both web portal and a corresponding mobile application.
  • Provides comprehensive information about the certification process, requirements, and compliances.

Outline of NABH Entry Level Certification Standards:

Patient-Centered Standards:

  1. Access, Assessment, and Continuity of Care (AAC)
  2. Care Of Patient (COP)
  3. Management of Medication (MOM)
  4. Patient Rights and Education (PRE)
  5. Hospital Infection Control (HIC)

Organization-Centered Standards:

  1. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  2. Responsibilities of Management (ROM)
  3. Facility Management and Safety (FMS)
  4. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  5. Information Management System (IMS)

Benefits of Entry Level Certification Program for SHCOs:

  • Enhances community confidence and trust.
  • Emphasizes quality and patient safety.
  • Provides a roadmap for standardization.
  • Cultivates a patient-centered culture.
  • Encourages a systems-oriented approach.
  • Improves patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes.
  • Offers external recognition.
  • Facilitates empanelment by insurance agencies.

Support Measures for SHCOs:

  • Awareness creation.
  • Technology utilization for transparency.
  • Ongoing support and guidance.

Eligibility for Entry Level Certification Program for SHCO:

  • Allopathic Hospitals with Inpatient and Day-care Beds, having up to 50 sanctioned beds, can apply for the entry level certification program via the HOPE portal.

Hospital Traders NABH Consultancy is committed to assisting SHCOs in navigating the certification process, ensuring compliance with NABH standards, and achieving excellence in healthcare services.